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In our tailor-made trips 
 a traveler becomes a leading actor 
living at their own pace

If you are longing for nature, choose one of our country houses or campsites! hikes, rides, sails, trekking routes on mountains or cliffs, courses in sea parks, guided dives and any kind of water, air or land sport will be your daily bread!

As to your interests in art, here are unconventional routes through big cities, small villages or rocky settlements; all this and more always around and through the extraordinary creativity of centuries.

For your passion for history we offer you the opportunity to visit collections, parks, museums and archaeological excavations besides joining guided tours. You can choose to stay in villas, stately homes, fortified-palaces and farms where you can have walks through legendary places spangled with ruins of ancient towns and control towers.

Your culinary temptations will multiply among outstanding Mediterranean cuisine dishes, dairy products, home made salamis prepared by peasants in accordance with ancient recipes, traditional sweets and rituals, rare and precious spirits. You will walk through the roads of oil, wine, cheese, honey and fish.

If you are worrying about the costs, we’ve got the solution to your problemcJust tell us how much you want to spend andc test us!

Welcome to our traditions

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